WYLTOR Trade (UK), with its excellent know-how, can support its customers by creating solutions tailored to their elevator equipment needs. We aim to offer all of our customers the highest possible level of customer service and support when they purchase our products. 

From lift ropes to entire passenger lifts, we provide support and training on how to operate any of our elevator equipment. Our team of trained engineers are experts in their fields and will be happy to assist you with any issues that may arise when dealing with your lift. They will help create a customised solution to any issue to ensure that you are receiving the best possible parts for your lifting device at a cost effective price. 

Alongside this, we offer 24/7 after sales support to all of our customers as we know that problems can happen at any time. We aim to support our customers when they need us the most, which is why one of our engineers will always be happy to assist you regardless of the time. This is one of the reasons why we believe that Wyltor Trade has such a high level of customer loyalty. With 99.9% of our customers returning after their first purchase and continuing to use us as their main provider for lift parts and services.

Wyltor Trade UK is pleased to offer direct dispatch on all of our products to ensure that you are getting them as quickly as possible meaning you have to wait less time to have your lift repaired. This is a huge benefit to many of our customers that are looking to have their devices repaired as soon as possible. For more information on any of our products, please visit their individual product pages.

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