Hydraulic goods lifts for loads, specially designed for business premises.

At Wyltor Trade UK, we offer a wide range of goods lifted aimed at making your business run as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s dumbwaiter lifts for busy restaurants to speed up their speed during service or cargo lifts designed for lifting heavy loads across multiple floors. All of our lifts are manufactured to the highest possible quality and our dedicated team is here to ensure that you receive the right goods lift for your business.


Service Lifts – Dumbwaiters offer fast transport of small loads to business premises, such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, etc. These are ideal for any business looking to increase their productivity and take their business to the next level.

Available capacities from 50 to 100 kg and speed 0,40m/sec. Maximum travel height 18 meters.


Hydraulic lifts for loads, specially designed for industrial installations and warehouses. Their sturdy construction and durable materials make them a valuable partner for any professional.

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