Cabin Operating Panels

Wyltor Trade UK offers various styles of Cabin Operating Panels that are designed to suit your needs and requirements for your lift. Whether it is a domestic or commercial lift such as a passenger lift, we will have a cabin operating panel that will fit your elevator. With over 45 years of experience within the lift manufacturing industry, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality product and an unrivalled customer service experience. 

All of our cabin operating panels are manufactured with vertical and horizontal support, meeting the structural needs of the cabin and maintaining the highest standard of quality for all of our customers.

All of our panels manufactured at Wyltor Trade UK are available with LCD displays, where with the help of software developed by the company they are programmed and report information according to the needs of each lift. This allows for easy maintenance from one of our engineers, allowing you to get your business running quickly again if a problem should arise. All of our panels are manufactured using the highest quality materials which can be customised to meet your requirements. Please see our full documentation below for more details on this and what other services we offer. 

Also, WYLTOR has developed its own system of blocking unauthorised calls of the lift with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This Radio Frequency Identification is a major selling point of our lifts, which our clients are always keen to learn more about.

We install all of our COP’s in full compliance with LOLER regulations to ensure the safety of all our client’s staff and customers.

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Cabin Operating Panels